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Ring Gate Latches

This Traditional G.Bhaiyaji India Plain Ring Gate Latch is commonly used on single and double garden gates. This set includes two ring handles that are fitted to either side of the door or gate and are connected by a spindle. When the ring is turned, the spindle rotates and lifts the latch, freeing the door to open. When the gate is closed, the latch fits into a keep which is fixed to the frame.

Ideal for external applications or where a traditional look and feel is desired. This latch combines functionality, traditional looks, and durability - it will enhance the look of any door and at the same time work as a sturdy fully functional latch.

High-quality G.Bhaiyaji India Ring Gate Latch, manufactured with an epoxy black finish for added protection from rust and corrosion. A coat of abrasive polish will enhance the appearance and prolong the life of the protected lacquer coating. products require minimal maintenance. Simply wipe the product with a soft cloth remove any stubborn marks. Abrasive cleaning materials or metal polish should not be used as these will damage and discolor the coating.

Iron Products are popular among the common public for several years. However, there are many varieties of irons all of which have different properties and applications. The metal sheet is particularly suitable for the production of the builder's ironmongery because of its strength and durability. Our latches are available in a variety of styles and sizes so there should be a latch to suit every taste and door.

Plain Ring Gate Latch Square Ring Gate Latch

Size Available:-5", 6", 7" Size Available:-5", 6", 7"

Twisted Ring Gate Latch Twisted Ring Gate Latch

Size Available:-5", 6", 7" Size Available:-5", 6", 7"

Cranked Ring Gate Latch Heavy Twisted Ring Gate Latch

Size Available:-5", 6", 7" Size Available:-10"

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