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About Us

About  Us


Shyam Babu Gupta

Managing Director


Iron Expert

Ganesh Gupta


Located in Aligarh approximately 90 miles (140 km) southeast of the capital, New Delhi.G.Bhaiyaji India was founded in 1993 by Shyam Babu Gupta established as a sole proprietorship.

Our Company is engaged in designing as well as the production of various products like builders hardware, household hardware, security lock and latest metal decorative accessories available in various categories which includes ironmongery, cast iron, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Since then we have grown with a vision to provide international quality products and services.

This vision is exemplified by the fact that all the customers that have started a business relationship with us are still continuing and deepening their relationship as each year passes by. We offer a vast product range to suit every taste and every budget. 

Much more than merely providing a shelter to its occupants, a home is a silent, yet very eloquent statement by and about the person who has built it. The decors used in a home, thus, also become parts of the non-verbal language in which this statement is being made.


While serving their basic purpose very well, the home decor range helps people make very positive statements. Currently, we have two factories in Aligarh, one is situated at Kalidah, Aligarh and the other at Tala Nagri Industrial Estate, Aligarh. Kalidah factory is in a built-up space of 550 Sq. Meters and the other factory is in the space of 1800 Sq. Meters.  We have 50 Power presses of different capacities and currently, we have employees strength of more than 100. Besides above, we are the wholesalers of the iron sheet in a warehouse of about 1200 Sq. Meters.



Tool room facility:

We have in dies & tools development facility and currently have house dies for about 2700 products. Besides these, if you have any new products, the same could be developed by us in the shortest possible time.

If you wish, we can email you the pictures of the entire production processes.




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